About Leicester Longwool Sheep

The Breed Association was formed in 1893 and now works to preserve the characteristics and genetics of these wonderful sheep.

The association is able to offer help and advice from Officers and Directors about the selection and purchase of sheep both for new and existing flocks. Our genetic programme has being working for several years and we have seen a big improvement in the inbreeding factor. Members of the Association can offer help and advice in:-

  • Flock management
  • Show preparation for sheep and wool
  • Pedigree registration and transfers
  • Pedigree tracing
  • Sheep for sale and wanted
  • Flock visits for advice
  • Promotional displays

Members offer to share skills in many of the associated crafts: Spinning, weaving, rug and felt making, knitting and decorative crafts.

The Breed Society welcomes new members and we can help with 'starter' flocks. Contact us for more information

Updated Registry Information

Click here to download the new explainer .PDF for registering.

Click this link to go to GrassRoots and watch a video explainer.

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