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List of Agricultural Shows with Leicester Longwools Classes

These dates are a guide only and YOU MUST check they are correct, as no responsibility can be accepted by the LLSA for their accuracy.

Leicestershire County Show

The sheep schedule, which has been made available has some printing errors. Please note.

British Native Longwool Breeds

This class is open to any Longwool breed (white or coloured) excluding white Leicester Longwools which are in the next section.

All Leicester Longwool sheep must have been shorn in 2017, except 2017 lambs.

The Show will offer a separate Black Leicester Longwool class if sufficient entries are received, at least 4 entries per class.

Class 13: Shearling / Yearling Ewe (clipped), or older Ewe having reared a lamb in 2017, current year

The show will consider splitting the class 13 if sufficient entries are made, into shearling ewe and older ewe.

Leicester Longwool (This class is for white fleece Leicester Longwool Sheep only.)

All Leicester Longwool sheep must have been shorn in 2017, except 2017 lambs.

The Schedule should read:

Class 18: Ewe having reared a lamb in 2017, current year
Class 19: Shearling / Yearling Ewe (clipped)
Class 19A: Ewe Lamb

Leicestershire County Show is offering to run Young Handlers classes. If you wish to enter please enter on sheep schedule or on a separate piece of paper with the Young Handlers details, Name, Age and contact details, entries will also be taken on the day.

Leicester Show 26th 27th August Bank Holiday Weekend

This show was relaunched last year with great success and this year It is going to be held over two days.

We have been allotted a space and the loan of a tent. So we hope to put on a similar display to last year. Our Group attracted a lot of attention by dressing up for part of the day.

We all found a couple of bits of clothes and it really gave our stand an 'added interest' and was great fun.

There will be sheep classes. Usual format, but in addition there will be a Class for people who have not shown often and children to take their Sheep (any Leicester Longwool) into the ring. Practice, walking and standing and how to handle the sheep. There will be experienced people to help. There will be a few Rosettes but it's a fun class to enjoy and show our lovely sheep off to the public.

Another suggestion to have class of sheep for any member to judge. This will be an optional chance for members to practice their skills in judging. This again will more informal to give members the opportunity to 'have a go at judging' to hone their skills before they move to more serious shows (see notice for open day.)

So we would like to bring your sheep, crafts and skills if you can. We particularly need people to provide hospitably in the tent, while the showing is on.

Being the home of the Leicester Longwools and all its history and our hopes for the future please will you all try and make this a special day.

What's On


  • 4th June Rutland show.
  • 8-10 Royal Cornwall show.
  • 10th June Kenilworth show.
  • 16-18 Three Counties show.
  • 21-22 Lincolnshire show.
  • 25th June Derbyshire show.
  • 25th June Blaston show.
  • 28-29 June Royal Norfolk show.


  • 3rd July Malton show. **
  • 9th July Ashby show.
  • 11-13 July Great Yorkshire show.
  • 15th Stroud.
  • 15-16 Yeovil .
  • 16th July Singleton Rare Breeds Show.
  • 19th July Driffield show.
  • 22nd July Mid Devon.
  • 25th July Ryedale show.
  • 25-26-27 New Forest and Hampshire show.
  • 29-30 July Heckington show.


  • 13 August Fillongley show.
  • 19 August Ashbourne show.
  • 20 August Mid Somerset.
  • 26-27 August Leicester County show.
  • 31 August Bucks County show.


  • 2 September Moreton-In-The-Marsh show.
  • 2-3 September Dorset County show.
  • 16-17 September Royal Berkshire show.
  • 30 September Great Gransden show.
  • 21-22 October York Countryside Live.
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